Want to know something about me?  Just ask.  AMA.

I am a blogger, writer, social entrepreneur, arm chair advocate, mentee, mentor, cyclist, musician, hip-hop head, and freelance dabbler in all things.

iMX81GrlI love to write about music and hip-hop culture, as well as politics, philosophy, society, biking, career advice, and anything else that strikes my fancy.  My background in writing is rooted in academia and a lifelong love of words. During my time as an Undergraduate at UCSC, I studied politics, and read and wrote all day every day. While I am happy to whip up SEO articles in a frenzy, I consider myself an artist.  Sometimes I write, sometimes I sing or write poetry, all the time I incorporate artistry into my professional writing in some way or another.  To read more about my professional freelance writing services, click here.  To reach me for your writing project’s needs, see my contact page.

About my past:  I was born in Montana, and raised in a very non-conventional way by a group of hippies in the woods.  They taught me to love music and think oddly from a very young age.

About my present: I am a California boy at heart, and usually reside in the South Bay Area, in the beautiful but often unfairly overshadowed city of San Jose.  I write (a lot of) articles, maintain/manage and contribute to several websites, drive a pedi-cab, travel the world, drink wine, listen to fire mixtapes, and much much more.  My mother used to tell me that only boring people get bored..

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask. I don’t bite. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.



One thought on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your service in San Jose! I served with City Year Boston ’09-’11, Summer Academy Team 2011, and then Start Up Team in Sacramento ’12. I still serve as a program manager in Sacramento and competed in TeamBackPack 2015 MULA. I just sent you an email about my last release. Thanks for taking the time to go through all the TBP submissions.


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