world-book-dayIn “How To” I write all kinds of rambling instructionals.  From straight ahead guides to opinion pieces masquerading as “how to” articles, I share thoughts and experiences here.

In “Music/Movies” I write about my thoughts and opinions on two of my favorite things in life: music and movies.  Oh, and T.V. from time to time.  I write reviews about current and classic projects.

In “Philosophy/Opinion” I share my thoughts on theory and bigger issues and questions.  Writings in this category are prone to being abstract or wonky, but are accessible and fun too.

In Originals” I share my original artistic pieces of music and creative writing.

In “Politics/Society” I spend time diving into the issues of the day, and write opinion pieces about everything happening that strikes me as interesting in the nation and world.  These pieces will often be social justice and politics based.

In “Blog” I will maintain a regular blog to catalog my creative process and share exciting updates.

In “Media and More” You can find links to all of my other media platforms, as well as some other admin related things and contact information.

In “Miscellaneous” I will post everything that I write that doesn’t fit somewhere else, including lots of things that I publish on other websites.

In “Archive” I post links to everything I have ever posted here.  All of the topic pages above only display 20 articles at a time.

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