I live and breath music.  And I write well. Music reviews give me the opportunity to do both.  

As an experienced critic, I know how to convey a project’s merits well. As an artist myself, I know how to appreciate a project the right way, taking the time to understand nuances and intricacies.

If it’s music, I can review it.

I specialize in rap, hip-hop, and related genres, but I can review just about anything music related with insight and authority.  I’ve been playing music for most of my life, and have an in-depth technical knowledge of both music and poetic theory that gives me a unique toolkit to dissect audible art.

Some of the things I love to review:

  • Full albums:  There’s nothing more gratifying than diving deep into a well conceived original album.  For album reviews, I take the time to understand the project as a whole as well as break the LP down to pick at important themes.
  • Mixtapes:  No, Chance, you aren’t the only sucka who still cares about a mixtape. Mixtapes are an integral part of hip-hop culture and always will be, and I love to voice my thoughts on more informal projects that don’t look exactly like a full LP.
  • EPs:  Bigger isn’t always better, and I consistently find that some of my favorite projects to review are tightly packaged EPs.
  • Singles:  I usually have a whole lot to say about a good song, and even more to say about a shit one.  If you need a critic to pick apart your latest single before you drop it or once it hits the blogs, I’ll let you know which category your track falls into.
  • Music Videos:  Hip-hop visuals are incredibly important to the culture.  When I review videos, I spend as much time analyzing what’s on the screen as I do dissecting what’s in my ear.

I do NOT sell review space on any blogs I write for.

When you commission me to write a review of your work, you are paying for two things. My experienced critical opinion, and a well written review that you can publish through your own channels to further your career.  Sometimes, things I am commissioned to review will end up on TeamBackPack or any other place I write, but paying me to peep your tape is NO GUARANTEE that it will get pushed anywhere.

So why bother?  There are a few great reasons to pay me to review your music.  

  • I’ve got a refined critical opinion.  I’ve been writing about music for quite some time, playing music longer, and have poured countless hours into dissecting art that’s digested through your ears.  As an underground rapper especially, it can be hard to get high quality critical feedback about your work.  I will give you the kind of critique that can help you improve your art and further your career.
  • My reviews are optimized for publication ANYWHERE.  Put it up on your own site.  All of my reviews are written with SEO principles in mind, and are guaranteed to bring more traffic to wherever you publish them.  I can give you tips on how to publish and share music reviews on your site in order to optimize the impact that a critical look at your art can have.
  • Reviews are a great way to get authoritative testimonials.  You can use my reviews to help you book shows, beef up email blasts, and share an outsider’s opinion on your work wherever.  Testimonials will help new fans realize that it ain’t just you that thinks your tape is hot.

Some of your favorite artists LOVE my reviews.

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“Man your review of AF2 … Shit bro, thank you. That’s all I can say.”

Catalyst Bars


Screenshot 2016-11-06 at 6.25.05 PM.png




“Yo, I really appreciate that review homie. Best one I’ve read on the project by far, you get what I’m trying to do.”

Angelo Mota




“The review you did for the video is the best review I’ve ever got man.  It means a lot that you really took the time to understand what I was going for.  You got it 100% man, you got talent, thank you.”

Kutt Calhoun

Get at me today and I’ll give your art the attention it deserves, and give you a critical opinion you can use to grow.