If you want to get media attention for your upcoming shows, album releases, or other artistic endeavours, my professional press releases can help.

Press releases have been around for a long time, but they are just as relevant in the digital age as ever.  My releases are targeted to get you the kind of coverage you want, and uniquely tailored to tell your story in a way that will get the media’s attention.  To discuss your press needs and order a release, get in touch.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are the best way to let the media know when you’ve got something news worthy planned.  A good release gets news outlets organically interested in your scoop, while highlighting the things that make your story unique.  After they’ve been written, press releases are distributed to newswire agencies and directly to news outlets.  In addition to writing your releases, I can provide distribution tips and help you be sure that you are in touch with the right people.

cypher-sessions766“Cassidy has been nothing short of
excellent when it comes to creating narratives for projects or lending a hand with any task I needed assistance with. He has helped bring many events to light and created beautiful write-ups for artists that deserve a shine. I will always recommend him as not only an amazing writer, but a downright hard worker.”  –Mike Molda, Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions Founder 

When are Press Releases Used?

Anytime you’ve got something newsworthy coming up in your artistic career, a press release is a good idea.  Get a press release from me anytime you are:

  • Playing a show
  • Releasing an album
  • Dropping a track with a high profile feature
  • Making a big move in your career
  • Doing anything else newsworthy in your artistic pursuits

Releases for shows should be distributed up to a month before your performance date, to give press time to spread the word.  Likewise, make sure that you have a press release in circulation before you drop your latest album if you want to get the attention of music writers.

How Does it Work?

First I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your scoop and your story as an artist.  Then, I’ll get to work crafting a release that will get media’s attention and get you press attention for whatever moves you are making.  Once I’ve finished your order, I’ll pass on tips and leads for press release distribution and remain available to answer any questions.

Featured Press Placements

Here are two of my favorite examples of successful press placements that came about after I wrote releases for Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions’ 2016 Santa Cruz Hip-hop Festival.  These two stories were the first time that the Cypher Sessions group was able to attract local press attention.



Drop me a line and let’s talk about your story.