To “blog.”  Is there any phrase more ubiquitous in the twenty first century?  

Blogging gets loads of attention for a reason: when done effectively, blogging can have an enormous effect on your website’s success.  And as a seasoned blogger and child of the internet, I have the skills to handle all of your blogging needs.   Contact me to discuss your blogging project, my blogging packages and rates, and the ways that an effective blog can mean life or death for your site.  And if you think blogs are passe or no longer necessary, think again: every major company in the world has an official blog because blogs work.


What makes “blogging” unique?

Blogging and writing is not the same thing.  Not every writer can blog well, and many professional bloggers couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag.  Blogs are special because of their tone and structure.  Your blog can and should be informal, engaging, and interactive.  With an effective blog, your costumers and site visitors will feel connected to your company and brand.

How will a blog help your website?

With a well maintained blog, your website will see increased traffic.  Plain and simple.  If you are a small business owner, a growing corporation, or a company looking to boost sales, increased traffic to your site means increased revenue.  If you are an artist or other individual looking to establish an online presence, blogging will set you apart.  That’s why every big company in the world has a blog: when done right, they will boost your bottom line.

If you run a subscription service, a website that generates revenue through page views, or any other project that depends on exposure to survive and grow, blogs are essential.  A high quality blog:

  • Keeps your readers engaged
  • Showcases your brand’s personality
  • Gives your site a personal touch
  • Gives you a platform to voice your opinions and market your product

But beyond all of that, a good blog brings visitors to your website.

How does it work?  

When you contact me to start a blogging project for your site, we’ll discuss exactly what you want to see from my services.  We will agree on things like tone, structure, and anything else you want to see from my blogging.  Then, I’ll go to work crafting a list of keywords that will help your blog posts get maximum exposure.  Once we have agreed on a list of topics and keywords you want to focus on, I’ll get to work crafting your blog posts.  When the post is perfect, you can throw it up on your blog and see your traffic soar.

Subjects I Have Blogged About Before

Mortgages and Real Estate:


Legal Advice:


Social Media:


Small Business Digital Marketing:


Health and Fitness:


Niche Products:


And a whoooolllllleeeee lot more.

With experience working at content marketing agencies, I’ve written about hundreds of different subjects for hundreds of different clients.  No matter what I’m writing about, my first step is always the same: do the right research.  That’s why I am comfortable writing about just about anything.  Think I can’t blog about your topic?  Try me.

Let’s talk shop and get your blog off the ground ASAP. 

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