Basically, if you need words written, I can write them.

Most writing jobs fall within the scope of my provided services.  When that’s not the case, there’s a whole lot more I can do.

Drop me a line.  I got you covered.

Newsletters and Direct Mail Marketing

Thanks to my time working at a content marketing agency, I have a whole ton of experience helping business owners get their mailing lists in order.  I can write your newsletters, help create direct mail marketing campaigns, and assist you in all things e-mail marketing related.

“About” Sections and Other Web-Page Content


Artist biographies, “about” sections, and basic home-page text can be the first impression you make on a new contact.  If you need your web-page content to be perfect and SEO optimized, I can help with that.  I’m an expert at telling your brand’s story with a clear and concise voice.

Social Media

I’ve got experience creating marketing campaigns for every major social media network, and my skills and expertise can help you meet your goals.  Whether it’s creating a brand strategy or reaching more viewers, I’m happy to help get your social media channels straightened out.


There’s still a whole lot of money out there in the crowdfunding world, but it’s more important than ever that you know what you’re doing on sites like Kickstarter and the rest.  I’ve helped raised thousands of dollars in multiple campaigns, and can help you reach your crowdfunding dreams.

Grant Writing and Non-Profit Funding


I’ve worked hand in hand with a number of non-profits, using my writing skills to help secure government and private grant funding.  As an AmeriCorps alumni and long-time non-profit supporter, I understand the needs of not-for-profit businesses on a deeper level.  I can help you tell your organization’s story.

Got something else that needs to be written?

I can write that.


Get in touch and we can chat about all of your custom project’s needs.  

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