What’s the difference between “content creation” and “copywriting?”  A whole lot if you know what you’re doing.

Just like all of the content I create, my copywriting keeps SEO principles in mind and will help bring people to your site.  But as your domain gets more visitors, how can you be sure that increased traffic helps you reach your business and brand goals?  That’s where good marketing copy comes into play.

How does copywriting help your website?copywriting

Good copywriting is like having a conversation with your visitors and subtly pushing them in a strategic direction while you chat.  If you’ve got a product to sell, a mailing list to build, or any other up-front business goals for your website, copywriting is how you get there.

Too often, websites look like trumped up business cards or rambling, unorganized tumblr pages.  If you want your domain to accomplish something and reach its full potential as a business tool, copywriting is how you get there.

In the age of short attention spans and wandering web-surfers, wasted space can be the deciding factor between success and failure.  If you want to be sure that 100% of your website is working towards your goals 100% of the time, copywriting is how you get there.

Contact me today to discuss how good copy can make your website succeed.  

What makes for “good” copy, anyway?

Good copywriting is clear, error free, simple, and goal oriented.  That sounds easy, but just look at the millions of websites our there that fail to sell products or represent a brand poorly.  Success in online business relies on good copy, and good copy isn’t always easy to come by.

To stand apart from the crowd, all of my marketing copy is

  • Clear and concise.  I love big words, but a huge vocabulary and a handful of semi-colons rarely leads to conversions.
  • Error free.  In addition to reading, re-reading, and triple checking all of my copy, I run all of my writing through premium grammar and spell-check programs.
  • Goal oriented.  My copywriting directs your web visitors to buy a product, join a mailing list, or complete any other task that you’ve highlighted as a business goal.
  • SEO friendly.  I won’t word-pad your copy, or make SEO metrics my primary copywriting goals.  But there’s no reason why your marketing materials shouldn’t be created with search engines in mind.
  • Fluff free.  No bs, just results.

How does it work?

As soon as you contact me with your copywriting needs, I’ll reach out with a few questions about your current brand voice and identity.  From there, I’ll get to work churning out marketing copy that helps you reach your business goals.  I can start from scratch or tweak old copy on your site, depending on your needs.  As soon as your new copy is perfect, you can put it on your site or other marketing materials and watch your conversion rates soar.

Let’s chat and discuss how good copywriting can make your website work for you like never before.  

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