Books don’t look like they used to.  But they are far from dead.

These days, eBooks are one of the most powerful marketing tools there is for website owners looking to stand out from the crowd.  eBooks give you an extended platform to express your ideas and market your brand, and you can use that platform to do a whole lot.

istock_book-with-mouseA few things that make eBooks unique:

  • Authoritative platform.  If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, what better way is there than to publish a book?  eBooks give your brand unparalleled credibility and give your voice a unique weight.
  • E-mail marketing mega-tool.  eBook giveaways are a great initiative to build up your e-mail marketing list.  Offering a free eBook can be a powerful incentive to urge your website visitors to complete any number of tasks.
  • Unique out-reach possibilities.  Once your eBook is completed, it can be easily self-published on Amazon and in other online places where only books live.  This can give you a big leg up on the competition and help you spread your brand to a whole new audience.
  • Direct revenue generation.  If your eBook is high quality, you can sell it to your audience directly.

What separates the trash from the classics?

LOTS of people are writing eBooks these days, but very few new releases make any noise or truly help businesses accomplish their goals.  In a saturated market, what separates the best eBooks from the mountains of trash?

For starters, good writing.  Too many CEOs and small business owners publish first drafts and think their latest tome is a gift to the world.  But only an experienced, professional writer can consistently create eBooks worth reading.

From there, it’s all about providing high quality, useful content to your readers.  If your eBook doesn’t meet a new need or speak in a new way, why publish it in the first place?  As long as the quality is there, the writing is good, and you have something to say, your eBook will stand out.

How does it work?  

Just like with my other long-form content offeringswriting an eBook that meets your needs is an in-depth process.  Once you’ve contacted me, I’ll send you a questionnaire to dive deep into exactly what you want your eBook to look like.  From there, I’ll prepare an in-depth outline with sources cited for your approval.  As soon as I get to writing, I will provide you with content samples as I complete sections and solicit your feedback throughout the process.  When it’s done, you’ll have a genuine classic on your hands.

Get in touch and we can talk about your goals and dreams for an original eBook.


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