Does your website sell a specialized product?  Are you competing in a crowded niche?  Does your business depend on web referrals and SEO ranking for its survival?  Then you NEED Skyscraper Posts.

With well constructed long-form content integrated into your website, your traffic will grow, plain and simple.  That’s good for business, and it’s good for your brand.  Contact me here to discuss your Skyscraper Post idea, my rates, and the power of this specialized marketing content.

With my academic background and passion for well researched writing, Skyscraper Posts are my premier content based offering, and I guarantee you will be satisfied with the product I deliver.

What are Skyscraper Posts?

Skyscraper Posts, also known as Authority Posts or Long-form Guides, are typically 7000+ word resources on a topic of your choosing.  Skyscraper posts:

  • Can be written about just about anything
  • Utilize SEO and keyword-based content marketingprinciples
  • Serve to establish you and your site as authoritative
  • Help you bring in web traffic by ranking higher in search engine results then shorter, under-developed content

In order to establish YOU as the expert, all of my Skyscraper Posts are ghostwritten, and can be posted on your website under any alias you like.

Why are Skyscraper Posts so effective in generating web traffic?

With Google metrics constantly changing, everything we know about SEO is constantly changes along the way.  Where Google and other search engines once rewarded short blog posts, brief keyword dense articles, and other traditional SEO focused content models, new metrics reward websites that present themselves as authoritative first and foremost.

By carrying big word counts, linking to other authoritative resources, containing media rich elements, providing your site visitors real value, and being well written, my Skyscraper Posts are guaranteed to boost your traffic.  This is the new SEO.  

How does it work?

After you contact me to write your Skyscraper Post, I construct a detailed outline for your project.  After discussing your Skyscraper Post idea further, doing independent research, and getting your approval on the outline I have created for your content, I will get to work writing.  Your Skyscraper Post’s turn-around time will be based on length, but will be ready to publish on your website within two weeks of my outline’s approval.

Questions about skyscraper posts?  Just ask .

Skyscraper Posts That I Wrote That Google Loves

screenshot-2016-10-21-at-6-21-52-pm“Femcee” and the Paradox of Gender Empowerment in Hip-hop

With just 3,000 or so strategic words, this piece of content ranks on the front page for the hip-hop-centric mildly competitive search phrase “femcee.”  I beat out huge sites like Urban Dictionary with this post, and I can do the same for you with the right keywords.


The Complete Guide to Web Design for Business Owners

This client wanted his digital marketing and webdesign business to stand out, and ordered a skyscraper post to attract more small business clients.  The authority guide I wrote became one of the most visited pages in his sites history by providing truly useful information.

screenshot-2016-10-21-at-6-52-06-pmInvesting in Security Awareness Training: A Complete Guide to Security

This client sells a highly specialized product in a competitive niche, so a skyscraper post was a no-brainer.  This authority guide helped the small business bring in new leads and stand out as an authority.

To beat the competition and give your site a powerful SEO Boost, contact me and I’ll get started on your Skyscraper Post ASAP.  

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